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Sapphire Hair Transplant

The most important feature of the sapphire technique is that the hair looks natural, adapts to the tissue, and minimizes the possibility of necrosis with the channels opened with a sapphire tipped pen.

www.hairtrans.net_hair transplant_Safir.

In the transplantation of roots transferred from donor areas, 2 different transplantation techniques are used in the world. The first and commonly used technique is Classical Slit Technique. The follicles are transplanted in channels prepared with a thin, straight incision in the transplantation area. The channels where the follicles will be transplanted are opened beforehand with thin slits. The second is sapphire technique applied the latest. The follicles are not transplanted in straight incisions, but in round holes opened with a sapphire tipped pen.

What is its difference from other methods and why should this method be preferred?

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