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Nasal Aesthetic

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The nose, plays a major role on the image formation due to placed on the middle of the face as prominent shaped.

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Even little shape breakings on the nose, effects the shape of the face negatively. With the rhinoplasty (esthetic nose surgery), person’s face shape is beautified and provided increasing of self confidence. Before decide to have a medical operation, you need to interrogate yourself why you want to have it made nose esthetic and what you expect from this surgery. For the nose esthetic, adolescents need to complete the body growing and fill the 18 years.

Must Be Applied To Experienced Specialists

Nose Esthetic Surgeries are made as opened or closed method. On the closed surgery, whole cuts making inside of nose but on the opened surgery, a little cut more is opened from the end of the nose. Which method is applied to noise, this is interested about the operations on the nose and the experience of the surgeon. The surgery which is made with general anesthesia takes time average 1 to 3 hours. To prevent the bleeding after surgery and giving support to nose’s shape from within, 2 to 3 days tamp may be applied. Additionally, to protect the nose shape, special plasters and plastic splint may be used along 6 to 8 days. After the surgery, there may occure swelling and purpleness around the nose and eye however within 3 to 7 days these complaints get better completely. Patient is dicharged from hospital within 1 to 2 days and can return to daily life.

After the surgery, pay attention to these 13 matters:

  1. Until to remove the tamps which is applied after the surgery, take breath from mouth.

  2. Get light foods and water to quench as help. And drink light drinks, do not use pipet.

  3. Use soft and easy chewed foods.

  4. Use lip stick to keep moist your lips.

  5. Do not take aspirin or blood thinners.

  6. Put your head up on 30 degree while you are sleeping. To protect the blood flow and to help to decreasing the swelling after surgery, try to keep vertical your nose and try to keep vertical your head during the day.

  7. Do not clean your nose by blowing and pay attention to not to hit somewhere your nose.

  8. Brush your teeth slowly with a soft tooth brush.

  9. Within the 2 weeks after surgery, avoid from strain, incline, lift/carry heavy things and exercises that needs effort.

  10. Avoid from straight sunshine during 1 month and especially in the sunny environments use sun protector cream absolutely.

  11. After tamps are removed, clean your nose gently 2 to 3 times in a day by plastering the doctor’s suggested cream to cotton swab. Do not tuck in the cotton swab inside the nostrils(nose hole).

  12. If you have to sneeze or blow, do it opening the both nose holes. If you have to sneeze, try to sneeze while your mouth is opened.

  13. Do not wear glasses along 3 months after the surgery.

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