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Hair Mesotherapy And PRP

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment is a method used for stopping hair loss or stimulating and improving the quality of thin and weak hair.

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The method involves special treatment of patient’s blood so that white blood cells and platelets are separated and injected into the area with no or thin hair. 10 ml of blood is drawn from the patient and then placed in a centrifuge for approximately 15 minutes where the platelet rich plasma is separated from red blood cells. The concentrated platelets are injected into the scalp in small doses in 10-minute application.

The plasma obtained during the PRP treatment includes highly concentrated thrombocytes (platelets) and leucocytes (white blood cells). Activated platelets and leucocytes secrete growth factors. With PRP Hair Treatment, growth factors stimulate the hair follicle’s renewal and growth. Thus, it enables serious tissue regeneration. The purpose of PRP Hair Treatment is to help restore the health of the hair by stimulating weak and very thin hair and hair follicles that are about to die.

The application is generally performed every 15 days for 3-4 months, on average. After that, one application a year would be enough. The most important advantage of this method is that the special plasma is obtained from patients’ own blood and therefore free from risk of allergies.

What purposes is PRP treatment used for?

It is used for hair loss treatment. The PRP treatment stops hair loss by stimulating weak and damaged hair with split ends and unproductive hair follicles. It helps hair look shiny and bouncy.

It is used for treatment of acnes, scars and stretch marks. Platelets working around the stretch marks, scars, acne scars and similar lesions on the skin with a lesion-healing mechanism ensure healing and improve the appearance of scars through the growth factors they secrete.

It is used for dark spots on the skin. The growth factors secreted by the platelets injected into the skin via PRP keep the functioning of the melanocyte cells which produce melanin to give color to the skin within normal limits and thus treats the skin spots.

It is used to rejuvenate the skin. As we age, wrinkles, lines and other skin issues develop due to loss of some tissues and decreased level of collagen which gives body tissues form and provides firmness. The area on which PRP treatment is applied heals with the help of growth factors. With the restoration and increased production of collagen, skin elasticity increases, wrinkles and other skin issues decrease.

Hair Mesotherapy Treatment

Main target of the hair mesotherapy is preventing the hair loss for men and women which is a treatment way of increases the length of hair and density. Also the proteins, vitamins and the other nutritions can be fixed by hair mesotherapy. It can be apply as liquid through injections which contains nutritional elements. By that way, the metabolism of the cells and blood circulation can be faster so that the infections disappear. It activates the hair follicles which helps you to get longer, stronger, thicker and healthier hair. In the process of mesotherapy there are small size of injections which go through the scalp about 2- 3mm and injects vitamins, minerals, antioxidans and other components that strengthen the tissue. Generally, it can be done after 6 months of the hair transplant operation. It will feed and strengthen the new hair and prevent the future hair loss. There is no side effect or allergic reaction of this treatment.

The Benefit of Hair Mesotherapy

  • Prevents the hair loss, increases the density and length.

  • Regulates the proteins, vitamins and other nutritions on the scalp.

  • Faster blood circulation on the scalp

  • Accelerates the metabolism of the cell on the scalp.

  • Prevents of having infection on the scalp.

  • Playing an active role on curing the hormonal balance on the scalp.

  • Deactivating the DHT hormone which makes the new hair grow faster.

  • It can be used to prevent the massive dandruff by the decision of a dermatologist.

Who is inapplicable of having Hair Mesotherapy?

  • The one who has skin disease and burn skin

  • DThe one who has diabetic

  • People with hemophilia

  • Pregnant women are not able to have it.

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