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Ear Aesthetics

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When we look at the prominent ear problem, it is usually seen as an ear that is bigger than it should be. However in fact, this status is not very true most of time.

There is no big difference in the size of the ear between a person with a prominent ear and a person with normal ears.The main problem here is only with the structure of the ear cartilage.

What is the problem in people with prominent ear?

There are two different problems:

* The angle of the ears with the head may be larger than it should be. This shows the ear outward-looking. This situation is very clear when looking at the back of the head.

* The structural folds to be on the top of the ear are not sufficiently formed in mother’s womb. Therefore, the ear appears almost straight.

Which methods applied to the patient of prominent ear during surgery?

1-The prominent ear surgery basically change the shape of the ear. In order to reduce the large ear angle which causes deformity, strong stures are placed where the ear joins the head and the angle is reduced in this way.

2-As a second method, the ear is shaped by putting effective sutures from the bottom of the ear to the cartilage. The goal here is to convert this ironed, straight image into a natural twist.

How is surgery performed?

A cut in the back of the ear is made during surgery. I can say that this doesn’t almost leave a mark for the back of the castle. All operations can be done easily from here.

Surgery of prominent ear can be performed by general or local anesthesia and there is no suture to be taken after the surgery. You can take a shower 3 days after the ear surgery.

Is it necessary to wear a headband?

It may be good to wear a tennis player’s band just after the surgery, but not a definite condition.

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