Hair Transplant Without Shaving

In our country, especially recently, very successful operations have been performed on hair transplant aesthetics. For this reason, hair transplant operations, which are widely performed especially in Istanbul; has found a great repercussion around the world.


In this regard, we can proudly say that Turkey hosts many patients from various countries of the world with the same problem. Hair transplant without shaving is one of these successful operations.

Many people who are thinking about having a hair transplant learn that they must cut their hair, causing them not to dare to have this operation. A few years ago; While grafts (hair follicles) were removed in classical-method hair transplantation operations, this area had to be shaved completely. Living with some hair shaved disturbed most people in their social lives. At this point, the hair transplant without shaving has developed a positive alternative for everyone by offering the solution to perform the transplantation without shaving the hair.

Where is The Hair Transplant Without Shaving Applied?

The wishes of the person who wants to have this operation are taken into consideration through the interview to be made with the experts. After considering the situation of the person who wants to have it done, the expert team decides on the technique that is most beneficial for the patient. Hair transplant without shaving is an application that requires more expertise and experience than conventional hair transplantation. Therefore, those who decide on this method should do a very serious research for the team and clinic that will perform the operation.

How is The Hair Transplant Without Shaving Performed?

In a normal Fue hair transplant operation, the hair between the two ears should be totally shaved. However, some people do not want all of their hair to be shaved in hair transplantation due to their positions or other reasons. The hair transplant without shaving method has emerged because of this need.


To apply this technique, the hair between the two ears must be long. In this area, an average of 10-15 cm is totally shaved. Uncut hair on the upper part will be used to camouflage this area.


After the Hair Transplant Without Shaving


After the Fue hair transplant without shaving, the process is the same as other hair transplant methods. Hair transplant experts will share with you the necessary information about the protection and washing of hair in detail. At this stage, it will be sufficient to follow the doctor's recommendations. The growth of the transplanted hair takes place in the same process with other hair transplantation methods. New hair starts to grow in 3 months and increases in 6 months. The main permanent results of the procedure appear at the end of 1 year.